B. Well Boise

Janice Lung EdD


Some people are just meant to do something.

Like me...

...helping women.

I have a strong academic and professional background, but it is the life experiences that have most shaped me and brought me where I am today.

My journey began with a solid foundation of family, friends and opportunities. But "whispers of discontent" played out in poor life choices, uncertain career aspirations and no life partner to share my dreams.


Then I lost my brother in 1997, my mom in 2000, my mentor in 2002 and my sister in 2004 – to lifestyle-related illnesses and events. One by one these devastating losses chiseled away at my foundation. I wandered from job to job, racked up debt, missed my mom at my wedding, tried to make sense of life and begged for a life that was more…safe.

Shortly after the loss of my sister, while walking my dogs in a beautiful nature setting, I got amazing inspiration to find meaning in these losses by creating a women’s wellness network. I rushed home and wrote for two days! Dedicated to the memory of my loved ones, it would honor women everywhere and connect them with others in such a way as to weave a web of support and wellness. It would be awesome!

Within a month I accepted the position as Director of Housing & Residence Life at a small college in Colorado. Safe... Safe was nice for about a year.

Five years in that job can only be described as a 2x4 hitting me upside the head! Turf wars were rampant, politics prevailed and creativity was stifled. I was miserable, my self-esteem was in the pits, and I didn’t think life could get any worse. Until it did.

July 2, 2006 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My first reaction was to think I was going to die; then I guilt-tripped myself for past choices. Pretty quickly I moved beyond fear and guilt to strength and positivity – a lasting legacy from my mom.

Breast cancer survivors often describe our experience as transformative. For the first time in my life I made self-care my priority. With the support of “everyday angels” -- friends, family and health care providers, self-care got me through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I ate delicious, organic, whole foods, exercised again, enjoyed 3-day weekends and wonderful hikes with my husband and our dogs, read lovely books, prayed and surrounded myself with affirming people.

A year later I was in the midst of another meaningless battle at work. This time I drew strength from surviving cancer, re-committed to self-care and remembered the talents that served me well in the past. I came back to my dream of a women’s wellness network and created b.Well.

Today I get to connect with women – their stories, their triumphs, challenges and dreams. I laugh and cry and hug and share the ups and downs of life. I use my gifts, my education, experiences and my heart to gently yet firmly guide women along their journey to well-being. I facilitate group and 1-on-1 coaching programs through which women make incredible changes in their lives; I host journaling and other groups in which women come together to make and share discoveries about themselves; I offer unique programs and retreats.

Self-care is my lifestyle now. I enjoy a balance of healthy, organic foods with tasty treats. I bike to work and get on the greenbelt or to the gym as often as possible. During long weekends my husband and I take our dogs on hikes, garden, or work on the cozy factor in our straw-bale house. I treasure my relationships with family, friends, colleagues and clients. I enjoy journaling, deep breathing and other daily practices.

Life is not perfect. I lost Hobart this year, my terrier companion of nearly 16 years, growing a business is challenging, and I worry about a cancer recurrence. But I have learned to regularly “check in” with myself, and when I am not satisfied with an area in my life (such as finances) I set goals, make a plan and take action to get from where I am to where I want to be.

I truly feel that my journey has brought me to you, and I would be honored to support you and your well-being. If you have been thinking about making a change, don't wait another day. I can help. Call 208.921.1044.

BA in Communication, Washington State U.
MA in Communication, Eastern New Mexico U.
EdD in Educational Leadership, Idaho State U.
Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching, Circle of Life / Health Action, Inc.
Member of the Idaho Coaching Association

b.Well believes

You deserve good health, joy and a positive outlook for the future.
You are the designer and driver of your life.
You possess a well-spring of knowledge; your inner voice and intuition should be honored.
Expert advice is good when you ask for it.
Groups offer tremendous insights and wisdom.
Support and accountability are powerful.
When you're moving forward, each step is a success.
We can help by providing you with reliable information and constant inspiration.
You can do it!

Helping you get healthy, create well-being and live your life in balance
through coaching, support groups and self-help programs.