Life is too short to wonder...

...what you might have accomplished, if only you'd tried!

Do you "pick up" your meals? Is "running errands" your exercise? Are you last on the list of family needs? Are you usually stressed? Do you work too much? Play too little? Lose sleep worrying about finances, health or relationships? Do you over-emphasize one area of your life? Want more balance in your life?

Let's change that! 

I’ll help you envision what it means for you to be healthy, and together we’ll design a plan to create the healthy lifestyle you seek.  

Nourish your body with delicious, healthy foods… Lose weight and build strength, flexibility and energy through an exercise program that fits your preferences… Be the life change you wish to see by gaining clarity on your passion and purpose… Re-establish healthy relationships with your loved ones… Build self-esteem… Practice relaxation and stress management... Make a career change… re-invent your life in balance with more fun, creativity and spirituality... Infuse your home environment with beauty and create tranquility at home… affirm your current situation with the confidence of a positive outlook for your personal health and personal finances… Enjoy well-being!

Imagine your healthy, happy, authentic self. What experience do you want to have while you’re living this?  How will it feel afterwards when you rock it out, knowing you’ve committed 100%? It is possible, you just have to make it happen.


Stop talking about it. Start doing it. Here's how.


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3. Make it Happen

4. Stay the Course



Face-to-face, or by phone

My Boise office, or your preferred location

About 1.5 hours


"Love My Coaching" Guarantee: If you're not hooked after our 1st session, I'll refund your fee.

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"Waste this opportunity and you'll regret it when you see others who succeeded." -Mike

If you have been wondering how to find a life coach in Boise, you have! If now is the time to get healthy, I can help. If you are ready to work with a wellness coach, here I am.

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