Dr. Janice Lung, Educator + Coach

Janice Lung, Boise Life Coach

--I've coached hundreds of clients and students to achieve their goals.

--I've taught college courses in health, wellness and personal development for over 10 years.

--I've engaged groups of all kinds in dynamic presentations about all aspects of health and well-being.

EdD Educational Leadership, MHS Health Promotion, BA/ MA Communication, Certification Health & Wellness Coaching.

"You are amazing  – your full-of-life personality is one-of-a-kind and easy to learn from."

Get Healthy Boise

My Why

“I deserve better than this!”

It’s that simple. 

Well, not simple really. But it was that clear back in 2008, when I was stuck in a job fighting battles so not worth my time.  I remember thinking “I deserve better than this” day after day. Until one day, I set aside my frustration and reminded myself what I always knew to be true; there’s a beautiful life waiting for me; I just needed to get back on the path that leads there. 

And so I did.

I engaged in the process of coaching, and the journey led right to a beautiful life. Oh my gosh, the ride was bumpy! And wild. And scary. And worth it. 

That is why I am so passionate about coaching.

Boise Life Coach, Janice Lung

Changing my life saved my life.

Coaching helped me do it. 

  • I seriously assessed the different areas of my life – what was working, what wasn’t 
  • I named my strengths
  • I envisioned my ideal future
  • I set goals
  • I took an action step, and another, and another
  • I learned what I needed to learn, I let go of what needed to go
  • I cleared the hurdles that popped up and learned what works best for me
  • I celebrated success and deep learning
  • I revised and re-calibrated along the way.

What is my…why? Me. You. We deserve better. And the world needs us at our best!  

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